Tor Dietrichson With The Cosmonauts 

The Cosmonauts, headed by percussionist/vocalist Tor Dietrichson, is the latest in a series of very professional, highly regarded bands that Tor Dietrichson has started. What makes The Cosmonauts different is its eclectic nature blending Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Funk and Blues elements all in one cohesive unit and featuring some of the Northwest’s most seasoned singers and instrumentalists including Brazilian guitarist/vocalist Kiko Freitas in these fascinating genres of music. With Kiko Freitas involved there is very much and emphasis on Brazilian styles. Also featured is stellar bassist Jeff Volkman, drummer Jeff “Bongo” Busch and others. The Cosmonauts have been very well received at The Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue as well as The Triple Door Musicquarium.