Tor Dietrichson Blues Machine
With Leif Totusek, Jeff Volkman and Others 

Founded on July 13th, 2006, Tor Dietrichson’s Blues Band has been brewing as long as the past 40 years or more when Dietrichson first began to love the Blues. Having attended Meany Middle School and Garfield High School in the late 60’s and early 70’s at a time when Jimi Hendrix was at the height of his popularity, Tor has a strong kinship with all things Blue with deep roots as well. Although known around the area more as a World Music percussionist, Tor’s first musical love was indeed the Blues and also Psychedelic Rock upon which he was also raised.

With a voice ideally suited for the Blues and with great skill at embellishing and improvising around a tune, Tor Dietrichson has quickly gained notice for his sound and the musicians he plays with, most notably stellar guitarist Leif Totusek, who is a perfect compliment to the eloquent and macho delivery of all he sings.  He has now established himself so that whenever there is a Blues show at The Triple Door in the theater he is asked to perform with his Blues band in The Triple Door Musicquarium. He also performed a highly successful concert on the Mainstage at The Triple Door on January 2nd of 2008. This entire concert is available on CD and sounds wonderful. Having logged in a lot of performances there and elsewhere around the Sound, he has honed his craft in a way that is hard not to notice. Find out what all of the ruckus is about with Tor Dietrichson evincing his skill at Chicago, Texas and other Blues styles and having fun while he is at it.